Gracie's Baby Book 2010

Gracie at about 6 months hanging out in the bay window with her friend the ceramic cat

After losing our beloved beagle Sugar in January, following a long illness, John swore he was never getting another dog.  After a while he relented a bit and said maybe we would get another dog but not another beagle.  A month later we got Gracie.  John wanted to get a dog that was at least a year old from a rescue but Talula wanted a puppy.  So we got 10 week old Gracie the night before the Blizzard of February 2010.  She was not happy being taken from her brothers.  She howled and peed on Talula all the way home.  But once in her new home she went into her crate and right to sleep. We managed to get to the pet store for a harness, leash and tag with her name and our phone number on it before the snow got too bad to drive in.

We thought Gracie would be intimidated by the snow and only let her out on her leash on a small area of the patio we had shoveled for her.  But she soon let us know she wanted to play in the snow.  While we kept watch to make sure we could dig her out if she buried herself she had a great time.  You can see how deep the snow was by the amount on top of the patio table on the left in the first photo.

Gracie at 4 months. She is a "red beagle" meaning she does not have any black markings at all.  She was the only female in the litter and her brothers all had black markings.  There appear to be many different types of beagles.  Her mother was a petite little dog and we are hoping she doesn't get much bigger than 25 pounds.

Gracie keeps busy helping around the house.  She is digging a hole for us to put in a pool and works tirelessly to get those pesky curls out of the garden hose.  She is such a good dog.

In June we all went to Roanoke for Gracie's grandmother's 90th birthday party.  She was not allowed to go to the hotel for the actual party because they said she is "a dog."  But she did get to finally meet her big sister Teona and hang out with her.  Mom took the picture so unfortunately is not in it. Family is very important to Gracie.

June 28 - Gracie's First Day of School
We took Gracie to her first day of Obedience Class.  The fact that mom has to hold on to her in the car instead of her laying quietly on the back seat is one of the reasons she is going.  The class is basic and we are sure she will do well.  She is clearly the cutest dog there and we could see the other parents were jealous.  She was later asked to leave for disrupting the class but it was mostly John's fault.

Summer 2011 - North Carolina

Gracie and her family have retired and moved to NC.  She had to give up her bay window on the world but now has a large screened porch which is much better.  She is now constantly on the look out for small green lizards and both frogs and toads.  She wants to play with them but they seem to think she wants to eat them and run for their lives when they see her.  She mostly watches the world go by and only barks at other dogs now.  She is the best dog!
Gracie spent Christmas 2011 at "camp" while Talula and John took a cruise.  She made new dog friends and apparently had a good time.